Fall is here. Sort of.

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Living in central Texas is weird. As the rest of you are breaking out your sweaters, cardigans and boots, we’re just now able to wear tshirts and shorts without passing out from heat stroke. As it cools off (we are enjoying 75-90 degree weather right now), the changes in our dogs is fabulous. Stella perks up and becomes a frisky freak, and Duncan just flies around like a freaking maniac all the time. There’s a lot more play in the evenings as we come home, rather than two dogs hiding inside to avoid the heat.


Stella looks like she’s killing him, but as you can see from his cheesy Doodle smile, he loves it a lot.


While I normally have lots of dog park stories, I’ve actually not taken my big camera in some time, because it’s just a gigantic PITA to haul it around, along with the bag of crap I need to have on hand while were at the park. That squirt bottle is giant and between the bag, the bottle, and the camera,  I can’t pay attention to the dogs as much as I’d like when I have it. I’ve tried to get better about whipping out my phone to take pics when we are there, but I need to work on it a bit more, lol.

Saturday mornings are also a favorite in our house. Before we went to the park this Saturday, Stella was very frisky and flirty and decided she wanted to show me her bone.






Mommy. See my bone?!

She’s such a flirt. After we got home from the park, the sun was shining, and Ms. Thang decided she needed to warm her bones in the sun. Once she got too warm, she’d haul her lazy self over to the shade, and rub all around in the cool grass. I just can’t even express how gorgeous the weather has been of late. It’s for sure Stella’s favorite time of year. The grass is green again, everything is soft and not dead and brittle. That time is coming, though.


Lazy weekend days

And what does Duncan do when Stella is being lazy? Glad you asked. This:


Play ball, Mommy!


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