Drama at the dog park…

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Stella found an adorable German Shepherd friend. He was QUITE taken with her.

I copy/pasted this from our Great Dane group on FB. Since I wrote it in the first place, I took the liberty of I editing it a bit before re-posting here, mainly because I’m not sure parts of it were even written in English. :/

Sunday morning we head out to the park. It’s gorgeous outside– it’s only about 75 degrees, the sun is shining down– just perfect weather. We arrived at the park, and a few of Stella and Doodle’s buddies are there, and they run around and greet everyone as usual.  There are a few new friends there as well. In fact, Stella met an adorable little German Shepherd. Sadly, due to later events, I didn’t get any other pictures of them playing around except this single one of her with the Shepherd.

At some point, we wind up on the back side of the pond and notice a fight break out across the pond. It’s not your average snappy skirmish. Instead, this an all out, bloody, horrible dogfight. Stella freezes at attention and then takes off running before I can even grab her. In her stupid doggy head, I know she’s thinking ‘Ohhh! Roughhousing! I WANT TO PLAY, TOO!!’  Anyway, she started hauling ass to the other side, and so there I went, running as fast as my fat ass would take me, squirt bottle in hand, thinking I might be able to de-escalate the situation with a few squirts to whatever doggy face might need squirting. The dogs are still fighting and everyone is screaming– and I mean screaming. One lady has that hysterical screech that only a young woman can achieve. Men are yelling. Dogs of all sorts are barking and growling. I’m running my ass off, but can’t see what’s going on, because I only have eyes for Stella at this point. While I know she won’t be aggressive, I don’t want any of the dogs starting any nonsense with her, as the tension is just really, really high, with a lot of really bad shit going down. One of the ladies sitting on the bench (a park regular, who is familiar with Stella) casually grabbed her collar when she tried to scoot on by, and Stell was just sort of standing there checking out what appeared to be a *very* injured golden retriever. I look over where the ruckus was dying down, and a dude and 3 other people are trying to hold down and collar a Great Dane. By this time, I’ve retrieved my dog from Bench Lady and take a gander at the golden who’d been involved in the altercation. He was bleeding pretty badly, and (in my estimation is going to need some stitches), but he was going to be ok. The owner of the Great Dane begins moving the dog towards the exit but then turns him back around. Jay’s making his way towards me at this point and ends up filling me in on the rest. The Dane was aggressor and did the massive damage to the golden. Not only that, but as things started to progress, Jay said he saw the Dane owner punching the SHIT out of the Dane.

The owner. Was punching. The dane.

Yall. What in the actual hell is wrong with people? Jay said if the dude didn’t turn around and have his dog leave, he was going to call the police dude suddenly turned and left. That poor Dane. My heart hurts for what it must be like in his home.

I hate people. This poor dog traumatized another dog, had a traumatic experience himself, and could have killed the golden all because of some really, really terrible dog owners. Watch your animals. Know them. Watch their body language– all of these things can help ensure you have a good dog park experience it.

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