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So, last weekend Jay and I went to Home Depot to get some stuff to fix up our yard for spring. Mainly just some soil, and fertilizer and such. However, while we were about to leave the garden section, I noticed some water fountains.  I started thinking about it, and one thing that’s always been a problem is leaving fresh water outside for the dog. Yes, we have a doggie door. Yes, she has access to fresh water in the house– but Stella really loves to be outside, and spends much of her free time lounging in the sun, and generally just  hanging out in the back yard.  I tried putting one of those big, autofilling waterbowls outside, but the water inside gets warm and gross, and it sort of smells fishbowly after a day, and the whole purpose of the self filling water bowl sorta sucks when you have to dump it all out every day.

I liked the idea of the water fountain because I knew Stella would drink out of it (The moving water thing doesn’t bother her– she will often come drink from the hose if we are holding it– yet it also kept the water moving, so that bugs wouldn’t next in it and make it nasty- and also because I figured the moving water would just stay a lot fresher than stagnant water.

Am I the only one who spends 80 dollars on a water fountain for her dog to drink from?


Stella's outside 'water bowl'

Stella’s outside ‘water bowl’

4 thoughts on “Dog fountains…

  1. Kim

    Thanks for your response on the collar question! I have absolutely considered a fountain for when it’s finally summer here again. I live in MI, so it would just freeze right now…so no, you’re not crazy!

  2. Nat Post author

    I am ashamed to admit that we actually just bought 3 more fountains of various types for her. She’s such a diva!


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