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Sorry it’s been so long! Things have been absolutely, positively busy lately. That and the weather has been half sucky, compounded upon the fact that the flu bug was in our house. Good times. Anyway, things are going really well. Stella continues to be ultra rad, and ultra bad at the same time.  She is *so* intelligent, but as many Dane owners will attest, she is absolutely, positively stubborn and willful. She’s not disobedient, per se– but she will make her point, and if you fail to take the point, she’ll let you know. I’ve mentioned before that she doesn’t like to get out of bed. Dude. Today her daddy started trying to get her up at 5:30. It wasn’t until about 6:35 that I was finally able to get her out of the bed. Literally, I had to drag her. She’s like a freaking child who is going all stiff because you’re doing shit they don’t want you to do. The worst part is she just sits there staring.

“Stella…c’mon baby. Don’t you wanna get up? We can get up and do some business outside and then have our kibbles? *rub rub snuggle rub rub*. C’mon Stella. *pat pat* Stella. Let’s go! (excited voice!) Cmon! Let’s go Stella! Let’s go! (clapping hands) CMON! LET’S GO STELLA!”

Stella: *stare*

Anyway– yeah, she’s a little diva.

So…with all that said, Jay and I decided we’re going to get another puppy. While I immediately wanted another dane, Stella needs to be an adult before we can bring another dane into the mix, and so we’re going to get something else, but we haven’t yet decided what we want. We’re thinking a Golden Retriever or an Australian Labradoodle.  Their little happy personalities are perfect for the Diva. She’ll be able to chew on it when she wants, and then leave it alone when she doesn’t. I can’t wait for it to pester her the way she pesters everyone else.  It’s gonna be legion. Anyway, the search has just now begun. I’ll keep ya’ll informed.

In other news–

How freaking cute are they?

How freaking cute are they?

Max came by to play with us a few weeks ago. They had *so* much fun! There were epic battles to be had, for sure.

And we can’t forget the dog park adventures:


Look at these little cuties!

Look at these little cuties! This is Stella’s best friend, Riley.


This tongue...

This tongue…


So, that’s what’s up. I’ve got another post coming about some products we’ve been using that I’d like to share with everyone.


Ya’ll have a great day!

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