Cedar Bark Park– we’reeeee heeeere!

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The gate at Cedar Bark Park

These last few weekends have been sort of lame, because it’s been both cold and rainy. Stella hates rain, but she hates the cold even more. Mix them together and it’s a recipe for pouty dane. This Sunday, however, the rain cleared up and we were finally able to take them out to the park.  This trip was especially cool because it was the first time Stella got a chance to ride in her new car. I’ll explain a bit more about that later on.

Anyway- we got to the park and it was windy. It was cold. And the dogs did not care a smidge. Almost the minute they were off the leash, both dogs tore of to go see friends and investigate the park, you know– just to make sure everything was in order from their last visit. 🙂

It was too darn cold for me to bring my camera this visit, so you can just pretend you see artfully taken shots of the dogs dancing through the water and playing with friends. We stayed out about an hour, and then had to bathe them before putting them back in my car. The water was frigid and Stella was furious. So furious, in fact, that she got the zoomies when we were driving home, and began spinning circles in the back of the car. I was at a light and Jay was fussing at her, but I watched her doing it in my rearview mirror. My whole truck was rocking– and the poor doodle was just centimeters from being crushed.

Oh, look– here’s some random playtime in our office. When Jay and I are gaming, the dogs like to hang out in the office and sleep/chill/play with each other. Duncan is ON FIRE in this one.


Stella has had about enough of his crap by this time, and starts fussing at him:


Hope all of you had a treat

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