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I know the photo below is sub-par at BEST– but honestly, I couldn’t help myself. Look at Duncan’s face! Bwahahaha! Here are a few shots of them being insane crazy this weekend. No, none of these photos are great– but I love them anyway.








Friday I ended up working from home, as I was having the carpets cleaned (I do not at all want to discuss what having a great dane and a doodle puppy mean to wet, freshly cleaned carpets). However, I did have to make a quick trip to pick up some snacks, and happened to find what Stella quickly decided was THE best toy, ever!



That bright thing is some adorable little centipede thing, and that dog thinks it’s just amazing. She spends a good amount of time doing what you see here, smashing her snout into the toy, sniffing out it’s secrets. The toy rattles softly when you shake it, parts of it have a squeaker, but another part has a sort of honk thing, soft and low. She loves it. As you can see, Duncan is FAR more concerned with his rawhide.

Duncan’s fur is finally starting to grow back, and he’s looking like his cute self!





3 thoughts on “Bwahahaha!!

  1. MaggiesMom

    Love your blog, Stella is a trip as always. I was wondering where you got the centipede toy? I think my Dane would love it too.

  2. Slobber Tales Post author

    I think I found that centipede at a store called Unleashed. It’s owned by Petsmart or Petco or something, but they have a more boutique feel. They have a dog wash in the back and a more upscale feel, as well as carrying higher end foods and snacks.

  3. Taylor

    Ah! Sparta used to do that with his reindeer before it… erm… died. I really need to take them out and let him pick out some toys. 🙂
    And I need a doodle hug – are you sure he has bones? he just looks so floppy and cuddly!


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