Bark Box: September

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It’s barkbox time again!

This month’s box was aweeeeeeeeesome. And sadly, I got not a single freaking photo of the dogs eating their crap, nor playing with the toys, so I sort of fail. HOWEVER– this is one of those times that barkbox did it SO right, that I don’t even want to be sad about the ‘no pics’.

So, this months box had this cute little turtle rope toy thing. It’s good. Stella took her giant dog face and chewed it.  There’s some bit of beef jerky looking crap. I’m sure that will be cut in half and distributed to the dogs at some point, but I’ve not yet done so.

What I really want to get to, is the bag on the far left. You can see the words, “It’s Purely Natural” peeking through in my shitty Instagram photo. Awesome.

BaAnyway, Jay and I keep a couple of kinds of treats on hand for different circumstances. If we are going to leave them alone while we go out and about, our new ‘go to’ treat has pretty much got to be Texas Toothpicks.

These are PERFECT for just about any dog at any age. Duncan is 19 weeks old and has been loving these since day one. Stella is a year old and she loves these too. They are simple, not messy, and even though they are super gross when you think about what they are, they aren’t nasty to touch, and they don’t make the pups have that weird, rawhide nose thing they get when they try to eat a giant rawhide bone. The problem is that tehy are 20 dollars a bag at the pet store. We go through a minimum of a bag a week.

However, what I wanted to actually talk about was the It’s Purely Natural treats in my barkbox.  Stella freaking L O V E S them, and I thought Duncan might break my arm trying to stick his Doodle nose in the treat bucket to get one out. The flavor I was given in the box was Chicken and Brown Rice Biscotti with Sweet Potato Chunks.

I got these last night, and ended up giving them two each. They went over so well, I went on Amazon and bought 2 more bags of the Chicken/Sweet Potato and then I got a Beef and something or other to see if they liked that more. Chicken can be so sketchy, that I just hate buying chicken or chicken flavored anything.

I really am going to have to get some photos of these silly pups dancing around for these biscotti treats. For real.

Happy Thursday!

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