Another Saturday at the park!

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This weekend was the LAST weekend before Duncan comes home, and let me tell you guys, it was a full one. We have been wanting to take Stella to water for some time. In the spring when we went to Cedar Bark Park, the air and the water were too chilly for Stella to be interested. Saturday, however, was a much different scenario. It was damn near 100 degrees by the time we got her to the park at 9:30am. She was somewhat tentative at first– mainly sniffing around the path down to the water where the rest of the dogs were playing. It wasn’t long, though, until she was off and running– full speed. This is an important distinction because Stella is a lazy girl– and her getting up to full speed takes some effort.

She’s at full speed


Here she is running her ass off at full speed. It’s very rare that she actually is able to get going to her full capacity, so to see her going so hard and so happy here just makes me smile. Eventually she began to be interested in what her friends were doing in the water…

What is this madness, young pup?


She started noticing that her friends were having a whole lot of fun in the water. Slowly, she began warming up to the idea…


Splish splash!


What a bunch of waterlogged pups!


Look how happy they are!


This girl is so happy.

What a crazy hooligan!






Fly by!


All of that fun was exhausting, and we had to take her home after about half an hour. It’s just too hot here in Texas.  Anyway– we went home, messed around for a bit and then we decided we’d take a nap. I guess I was in bed about 10 minutes when my phone rang, and I ended up going to Target. I begged Jay to go with me, but he declined, stating he was going to stay home with Donkey.

I came home about an hour and a half later and found this:





What is this? I’m so glad you asked. The pinkish/red splotch? That’s a watercolor pencil that Stella stole off my desk 3 weeks ago, took it into the living room and proceeded to eat it. The black spot? That’s black ink from a pen she stole off my husbands desk when he was napping.

Jay:  She probably tried to wake me up, realized I was having none of it, then wisely realized that I usually pay attention to her when she grabs my stuff
so she found some stuff, grabbed it, and was probably genuinely surprised when I didn’t come play with her.
This is a true story. Terrible animal. Between my carpet and my walls– this dog is going to eat me out of house and home– LITERALLY.
Also, this:

Kisses for daddy!!!






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