…and we’re back!

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Well, hello!

I’ve got to apologize for the delayed postings. Sometimes, the normal day to day stuff can get in the way of fabulous adventures. At our house though–the adventures sometimes get in the way of the normal day to day stuff, and so we took this weekend to just sit back and chill and take Stella to the dog park. Sbe’s about 5 1/2 months now, and is weighing in at roughly 80lbs or so. We’ve been working hard to keep her socialized and active, so we normally have dog park visits 2-3 times a week, along with her normal walks through the neighbhorhood with the dog walker who comes 2 times a day on weekdays.

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Playing at the dog park with friends

Playing chase with friends!

Playing chase with friends!

As for potty– we’ve been so fortunate. It’s been months since she’s had an accident– and it’s not something we worry about with her anymore.

Our biggest challenge is reminding her to chew her own stuff, not go sniffing around for bad things to do. Today was probably one of her favorite days at the dog park in some time. She always has a complete blast when she goes, but today it was  pretty muddy… We were ready to head home when she decided her new best pal was rolling and splashing in the mud like a country pig– and figured that was just the thing she needed in order to make this particular visit to the dog park one to remember. I arrived at the dog park with a very clean, very soft, and VERY glossy Dane. I returned home with a dirty, gritty, stinky, and possibly contaminated Great Dane.

In other news, Jay and I have finally begun talking to some breeders about acquiring a brother for Stella. I’m so ready to get another little pup in here to train with her. She’s *such* a social doggy– I want to make sure her brother arrives at a time in her life where she is going to appreciate his energy and vibrance! HAHA!  I’ll keep you guys up to date as more news develops.


That is one SUPREMELY dirty Dane!


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