…and then he was a Unicorn

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I can’t stop dreaming about the new puppy that I don’t even have yet. I have dreamed about this stupid ass puppy for weeks now. It’s gotten even worse since we wrote a check for a down payment for the breeder, I think.  Last nights dream ended with me dressing him like a Unicorn. This isn’t healthy. I despise when people dress up their dogs in costumes, but I have to tell you- this dream dane was friggin adorable.

While we are ramping up for puppy time, I may be writing lots of boring ass posts, but I’m hoping to have some of my friends write an article or two to share with all of you. I want this to be a place where we can all come to talk about our 4 legged family- and just like raising children- raising a dog can be done a million different ways.Am I the only one who thinks dressing up the pets is lame? Hehe. I must know if you do it too!

2 thoughts on “…and then he was a Unicorn

  1. Sharon

    I have a leather and lace dress with a harness for my mini Pom. She looks adorable in it and I swae she knows how cute she looks in it too 🙂

  2. Nat Post author

    You must send me a photo, Sharon. Actually, we may have to have a blog topic about this. To be frank, I think I need to write about it immediately.


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