Afternoon at the park with Riley

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I’ve spoken so much about how much Stella loves the dog park. Honestly– there’s nothing more awesome to this dog than going to play with friends at the dog park.  Sometimes, she’s unlucky and we go when the ‘fun police’ are there, those are the doggies  who sort of bark at her and won’t play with her as much. Or she spends her time chasing dogs who are chasing balls and the like. But, sometimes? Sometimes we get lucky and her ‘best friends’ are at the dog park, too.  You may have ‘seen’ Riley before in my photos. Here they are a couple of months ago:

Stella and Riley playing at the dog park. She was about 4.5 months here.



We’ve seen Riley off and on since then– but he’s either already engaged in play with another dog, or they are leaving and we’re coming, or vice versa. However, yesterday we went to the park at a weird time, and Riley ended up coming in.   There weren’t a lot of yappy dogs around and so these two played together, HARD, for about an hour.



She’s so happy here. You can almost feel her smiling inside:



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