redpaw2Originally, we’d intended for Slobber Tales to be about our journey with our beautiful Great Dane,  Stella Blue. From the moment we decided we must have her until she crossed the rainbow bridge, this place was to be about our lives with our beautiful, ornery, adorable, gigantic beast. Once we brought her home, however,we realized that this was more than just about our journey with Stella. It was about our journey with all of our dogs, those we had in the past, as well as any we may have in the future.  It was about the journey my friends were taking with their dogs as well.  It’s about the value of being a responsible, educated dog owner. It’s about laughing and loving and sharing heartwarming stories about our pets.

Slobber Tales is a place for people whose dogs are more than just ‘pets’; it’s a place for those whose dogs are family.

I’m currently looking for a handful more people interested in posting on our site. If you are interested in becoming a writer for Slobber Tales, and have some awesome photos or stories of you and your pets, and want to share them, send an email to slobbertales@gmail.com — We’d love to hear from you.

The Slobber Tales family!

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