A pet owners rant

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Jay with Tela and Forbin – 2002

One thing which never ceases to amaze me is just how impulsive people are when it comes to purchasing or adopting a dog. I think our family might be a little crazy, but to us, the process of bringing a pet into the family is serious. Jay and I tend to be very impulsive when it comes to some things– but when it comes to pets, we consider it on par with bringing home a baby. There are all sorts of costs associated with owning a dog, and some dogs cost vastly more than other dogs to take care of. Vet bills, food, preventative care, all have to be considered. Do we have the space? Do we have the time to commit to a new pet? Then there are discussions about the breed; is this breed right for our family? What are the pros and cons? Are there any red flags?  After all that, then we have to decide which breeder our dog will come from. (As I’ve mentioned before, I will not allow these posts to become flame wars over how evil I am for getting my dog from a breeder rather than a shelter.)

Jay has very particular requirements when it comes to breeders, and he researches them diligently. When he finds one he likes, then there are trips out to see the residence and/or facility.

I think the fact that we spend so much time,  and feel that it’s such an important decision, that those who impulsively purchase dogs and/or puppies just infuriate me.  For me, bringing home a dog means ‘forever’. I’m giving it a ‘forever’ home.  I would no sooner ‘give back’ or ‘return’ a dog or puppy than I would return a child whom I’ve adopted. It doesn’t matter if the child ends up with a learning disability, or is stubborn, or pissy, or a grouch– you can’t return it because it’s ‘hard to deal with’ or didn’t get along as well with your other children. It turns me into a psycho. Sure, I know stuff happens, and sometimes things don’t work out– but it annoys me that in our country we can go into things so lightly that we feel we can just ‘return them’ if it doesn’t work out as brilliantly as we had hoped.

Anyway, I’m ready for my puppy to be born!


Happy Monday!



4 thoughts on “A pet owners rant

  1. Rachel

    When my boyfriend and I adopted our puppy Gambit a couple of months ago, we spent over an hour in the kennel with him and his brothers at the shelter, trying to make sure we really wanted him. I kept apologizing for taking so long to make a decision to the girl who worked there and to the families standing outside waiting for their turn to play with the puppies. She told me if I needed to spend all day in that kennel making sure I really wanted one of those puppies, she’d stay in there with me if it meant I wouldn’t bring the puppy back. Apparently that’s a big problems at shelters right now. People adopt a dog, realize that it’s not house-broken or is a chewer, and then want to return it and get their money back “because they didn’t know it was going to have problems”. Sometimes I think people should have to take a “common fucking knowledge test” before being allowed to adopt or even purchase a puppy from a breeder. Like how do you NOT know that puppies aren’t born with the sense to pee outside and not inside? Those kinds of people probably shouldn’t be allowed to procreate either.

    1. Nat Post author

      I agree with you about a trillion percent. It seems to me that THESE are the reasons we have shelters in the first place. People being impulsive and not ready to commit. Especially people with young children. I think you should be absolutely required to pass an exam to be a pet owner.

  2. LadyCiani

    love our shelter pet! never would have given him up. Even though the vet said he was like a year and we think like 8 months. (way too young for me) Cause I committed to him coming home with us. Unlike my friend who like recycled dogs. Dammit.


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