A letter to Stella

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Dear Stella,

It’s a shame that you’ll never be able to read this letter. I wish you could know how I loved you with all my heart, before I ever even knew you. I wish you could know the changes and commitments we have made in our life, in preparation for your coming. I wish you knew how many countless hours of research we have done, to ensure that we can give you the best possible life.  You won’t be our first 4 legged family member, and I know you won’t be our last, but you *are* the first one that we have taken on, from the beginning, together.

You won’t ever know how many times I dreamed of you before you were born, or how long I waited up the night you were born, to make sure that all of you were  ok. You’ll never know how many conversations your daddy and I had about what we’d name you, the activities we’d do with you, all the way down to discussing making all your dog food from scratch. Even the children (they aren’t even children anymore– they are adults now), are so excited they can barely stand it, and have awaited your coming with joy and happiness. All we can do is show you just how much we love you, every day. We will show you by providing you new things to learn and do, every day. We will show you by ensuring you have enough exercise and affection, every day. By ensuring we do our best to guide you and train you, kindly and gently,  starting from day one.

You are that next step in our journey together, and we are counting the days until we can come and take you home.

I hope you’re ready, little girl. I know we are.

Love always,


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