6 Months

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I’m lazy today, and therefore I will refrain from regaling you guys with all the awesome stories of how amazing Stella is, and instead just show you some photos. She’s now six months old and really just the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced, short of sliced bread, Coke Zero and possibly Alea. And maybe Hunter, depending on whether or not he’s being an asshole.  Also, it’s weird that no matter what time of day, no matter where we are, no matter the company, that YOU are always the topic of conversation for being such a sweet cutie. All the other dog owners feel so sorry for you when the other dogs gang up on you and throw your butt onto the ground. You have them fooled, little bit, but you can’t fool Mommy. I know you start it. Every. Single. Time.


Stella and her friend Hannah, playing at the dog park.


More dog park action


Stella, being Queen B



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