11 Days!!! Annnnnd an announcement, too!

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Holy crap! I was on FB this morning when I got a notification that my breeder posted on my timeline:




Please note that my 17 year old son was NOT amused by my description of our puppy swimming in placenta. In my defense, I can only state that it’s his daddy’s fault.

Here’s a conversation that happened yesterday afternoon, between Erin, Jay and I…in multiple chat windows:

Erin: This is one of the most anticipated animals on the planet.
Nat: Yeah…it’s really gonna be bad…I’m going to be so annoying. I feel bad for all people.
Erin: The amount of pictures…
Nat: Yeah…I know. 🙁
Jay: Yeah, it’s going to be ridiculous
Nat: Yeah. I know.
Jay: It’s already ridiculous, and he’s currently swimming in placenta.


And so, as you can CLEARLY see, that shit wasn’t my fault.

In other news…




Yes, ladies and gentlemen– we have finally come to an agreement. While we had a few that were in the running for some time, we’ve decided on the name, “Diesel”.


He’s going to be fucking awesome. And because she’s amazing– here’s a closer shot of Willow– who is, RIGHT THIS MINUTE letting Diesel swim around.


Willow starting to settle in. Her pups are due in 11 days!



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