Dog Park Etiquette

On June 23, 2014, in Random Stuff, by Slobber Tales

A friend in the Great Dane group I’m a part of recently shared a story in which she and a friend had a horrible experience at their local dog park. As someone who dog parks twice weekly at minimum, I thought a post on dog park etiquette was in order.  These are nothing more than […]

THEIR room

On June 16, 2014, in Random Stuff, by Slobber Tales

Recently, both my kids got their own places. Once they were all settled into their new homes, Jay and I ended up deciding to move our home office from the first floor study to the second floor game room, which is a large, open aired space. Not only would this provide the dogs more room when […]


On June 11, 2014, in Stella Blue, by Slobber Tales

So, I woke up yesterday morning and my shoulder hurt a lot. While on the drive to work I went to check over my shoulder before a lane change, and could barely turn my head. I mean, BARELY. I ended up getting massage, and that ended up helping a lot. The problem is that the […]

The one where they ate the bag

On May 27, 2014, in Adventures, Duncan Doodle, Stella Blue, by Slobber Tales

I know this is terribly long, but just move the slider along. It’s not to be watched from start to finish (it’s 20 minutes long!), but is posted for you to just push the slider. No matter where you land with the slider, goodness ensues.