Chilly Sweater


Every winter, I get Stella a couple of sweaters for everyday wear to try to keep her diva self from freezing to death . I normally purchase the Stretch Fleece sweaters from Gold Paw Series. They are inexpensive, easy to wash and care for, and are mostly durable enough for everyday wear. Unfortunately, my Stella Blue is not much of a lady, and while […]

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The Arrival


Well, Wilson has been home for about 2 weeks now and things have been extremely interesting. To be frank, I’d anticipated his arrival to go much differently than it has. When we brought Duncan home, Stella was enamored with him in the most serious of ways. She loved to have him romp on her face, she flirted with him, and was as patient […]

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Stella’s asshattery


I’ve mentioned before that we had a houseguest staying with us for a month or two. Along with said houseguest came a 6 month old Great Dane puppy. I’ve posted in The Great Dane Group several times about the weird relationship between my two dogs, and CJ. Duncan and CJ are BEST friends. I don’t mean, like, they like each other […]

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What a gooood girl


We’ve got a houseguest staying with us for a few weeks. Said houseguest happens to own a 4 month old Great Dane puppy. Ya’ll, Stella is just beside herself with joy.  She loves her Duncan Doodle super hard, but for her, there is something special about other Great Danes and Great Dane puppies.  As a general rule, she’s always been […]

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